Welcome to my shop!

Hey yall!! My name is Chrystal LaJoy and I am so happy to be a part of your self care and wellness journey! My interest for all things natural started many years ago while I, like many others, struggled to find products that worked well in my hair. I dedicated a lot of time and research to finding the best ingredients to create products that would not only nourish my scalp and hair, but also promote growth, decrease breakage, and retain my length. Doing this, I discovered a new passion which is what led me to further educate myself in herbs, aromatherapy and how to live a more well balanced, self-sufficient life using natural ingredients. 

Here at Laced by LaJoy, we handcraft a variety of herbal products that support overall self care and wellness. We understand the importance of individuality and preference. Everyone is different and our goal is for everyone to receive the same therapeutic properties that are in herbs and pure essential oils. That's why we offer quality herbal infused products as body care or as a herbal infusion and supplement. We always promote a natural, holistic lifestyle by using all organic ingredients from trusted sources. 

Feeling good on the inside AND looking good on the outside is what we strive for. So whether you choose one of our small batched tinctures and teas, or our amazing hair and body oils or butters, Laced by LaJoy has something for everyone, helping you be your best self.

Made with intent. Laced with nature.